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Venue Partner Program

Benefits of hosting a Tipsy Artist Class

Exclusive Ongoing Venue Partnerships are available for select locations.  To see if you are eligible for consideration, please review some of the requirements below.  We provide paid advertising support with more than 135,000 Facebook & Instagram Followers! 


Our venues can count on consistent high volume of paying customers at each and every class during the weeknights with a firm headcount in advance so that you can prepare for food and alcohol sales. 


Don't just take our word for it!   See for yourself with every album on our Facebook page.  The pictures speak for themselves.  If you would like to benefit from food & drink sales with approximately 30-200+ paying customers in your event space on a Tuesday or Thursday, please contact us.  

  • 135K + Followers on Facebook & Instagram: Paid Advertising to our Tipsy Artist Fan Base on Facebook and Instagram

  • 18K Email Subscribers

  • Full Color Feature and Website Page of your Property with multiple photos and booking contact information with links on our website

  • Social Media Sharing of your class on all of our social media platforms including:  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube and more! 

  • Secured Guest List with our Tipsy Artist Customers that averages 30-100+ in attendance for every class

  • Tipsy Artist Promotes your venue's food and alcohol during the class from the stage.  

  • Our customers buy food and drinks at each class.  There is also potential for overnight bookings or future event bookings due to exposure  from our ongoing events.  For example:  weddings with our mostly female clientele.  

  • Set up is simple.  We only require bare tables and chairs.  We provide all of our own sound and visual equipment as well as table coverings and all supplies. 

  • Our paint is water based and non-toxic.  It cleans up quickly with warm water and Dawn Detergent.  Many different types of wine and food create more of a stain issue than our acrylic paints.  We bring our own cleaning solutions with us to every class. 

  • We provide all of the setup and staff to service the painting class.

  • We provide the painting selections based on proven top selling classes to ensure your success with attendance.    


  • Minimum of 30 Capacity in a Private Event Room or Classroom

  • Venue must have a Liquor License

  • Exclusive Agreement with use of only Tipsy Artist in your venue as your paint and sip provider during 3-4 months surrounding our scheduled dates.  This is for mutual benefit so that the buying market is not oversaturated with similar art class events at your location.  This maximizes our potential for much more efficient results with attendance to provide substantial increase in revenue for your business and allow us to cover our travel & advertising cost.   

  • Tipsy Artist controls all music and sound during the class.  We provide our own sound system for music and instruction. 

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