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Meet the Tipsy artist family

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Joe, Tiffany, London & Hawkins

Thank you for supporting our Small Family Business 

Meet Tiffany
Your Art Teacher
& Fine Artist

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Resume Highlights

- B.A. in Fine Art & Education from Texas Tech University

-Member of the National Art Education Association

-Member of the Oklahoma Art Education Association

-Taught Art Classes for K.I.P.P. and Private Schools before creating Tipsy Artist School

-World Record Holder for Instructing and Hosting the Largest Paint and Sip Class with 1006 participants. 


Tiffany's journey towards becoming the Tipsy Artist & professional painter began with her vivid imagination as a little girl, hosting enchanting tea parties filled with cartoon characters, movie stars, and unicorns. Her early exposure to creativity paved the way for a magical life that blossomed at the age of 10 when she won her first beauty pageant. She charmed her way to victory by teaching art, foreshadowing her future as the Miss Tipsy Artist.

Following her graduation with a BA in Fine Art & Education from Texas Tech University, she ventured into entrepreneurship and established a giftware company. Her designs were soon showcased at the World Trade Center and made their way into hundreds of retail stores across the nation.


Settling in Oklahoma, Tiffany immersed herself in the thriving creative culture of Oklahoma City. Her artistic flair and dedication to teaching caught the attention of a wider audience, as she co-starred with her husband in a television series called "Utopia Joe" on PBS Oklahoma, sharing her expertise in art and DIY craft techniques.


Tiffany's passion for empowering others through art became a driving force in her life. She recognized the joy of creating something for the sake of the process itself, leading her to champion one of the greatest concepts of the 21st Century—the paint and sip industry. This became her platform to inspire women of all ages, helping them unlock their inner creativity, and infusing their lives with passion, fun, and healing through the act of painting.


Today, as the Tipsy Artist, Tiffany stands as a leading figure in the educational industry she helped shape. Her influence knows no bounds, as she teaches record-breaking painting class conferences, including an impressive attendance of 1006 painters in Woodward, Oklahoma. Her sold-out classes across the Midwest and her own collection of Fine Art further solidify her position as a trailblazer in the field.


Even during the pandemic, Tiffany seized the opportunity to work on her own fine art from the comfort of her home. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in California and Texas, she skillfully merges Western Coastal Themes with Impressionism in her unique pieces. Her original fine art now captivates art enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

Tiffany's journey exemplifies the power of passion, creativity, and the profound impact one can have on others through art and education. 

Tiffany when she first started teaching painting classes in the 4th Grade

Meet Utopia Joe - Tiffany's Hubby,
Creative Director
at Tipsy Artist &

Owner of Utopia Joe Bed & Breakfast

As an Oklahoma artist, Joe Bohrer has brought super-heroes to life for Marvel Comics, designed shoes for LA Gear, developed video games for Virgin Interactive, and landed Design Star appearances for HGTV. Joe’s creative diversity has soared beyond the borders of the red-dirt state through Product Development, Brand Licensing, Film Production, Published Comics, Entertainment and Fine Art.

Joe was chosen as an Official Creative Ambassador to represent the Oklahoma Creativity Launch, alongside Olympic Gold-Medalist Bart Connor and Congressional-Medalist Astronaut Thomas Stafford, in an effort to promote world renowned creativity and culture. The initiative involved Joe producing a TV show devoted to his mad skills in creative design, that quickly became one of the most popular locally produced shows on PBS.

World Record with
1006 Painters at One Class

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Tipsy Artist & Utopia Joe Headquarters

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