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Their Fairy Must Be You - PDF Instant Download of 52 pages Coloring Book and Story Book All in One. 


Summary:  A little girl searches for her purpose in life through the pursuit of fairies.  She discovers her fairy was there all along living inside of herself and that it comes to life through service and love for others. 


Beautifully Produced Video Reading of Book is available on Youtube:


A wonderful children's book with line art to engage the reader throughout the creative journey. Discover and claim your purpose and faith as you color every page. Book includes 50 pages of story and coloring pages. P.S. Fairies are hiding all throughout the book. Let's see if you can find them all. Purchase on Amazon or on our website.


​​To hear the reading of the book and see the fully illustrated version, please watch the video. ​


A Few Words from the AuthorI first wrote this book for my daughter London Skylar, as a present for her 5th Birthday. I have been working on revisions for more than 15 years. Ironically, even though I am an Art Teacher by trade, I never did have time to start working on illustrations. It has been floating around my office desk as a manuscript of text collecting dust through a very busy career of teaching.​With the onset of COVID19, I was forced to be grounded and finally breathe some life into this project with a new sense of hope. I was awestruck by the timeliness of the message from the book and how it had striking parallels with what is going on in the world today. One classic intention remains true through the years, with Faith and Purpose, we can overcome any obstacle when we have the courage to ask the right question. And more importantly, answer that question with action. I love you London! Thank you for being my first glimpse of Heaven on Earth. You are truly a blessing from God that I cherish every day. ~ Your Madre


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Online Painting Class Video: 


This is a Digital Product.  It will NOT be shipped to you.  You will need to download the book within 30 days of receipt and print it using your own computer, printer and paper.  We recommend using a heavy cardstock paper for best results with painting projects.  *All sales are final since you receive the product immediately as a download as soon as you purchase. 


Here is the direct link for the Complimentary Painting Tutorial Video that accompanies your templates:


Online Class videos are FREE!  


Here is the Supply List for the class: 


Hi Tipsy Artists! We have a new online class for you to enjoy in the comfort of your very own home. You can learn how to paint! 


If you ever find yourself in Guthrie, OK, please come paint with us at a live show at the Tipsy Artist Paint Palace. Check out our website at: Tipsy Artist Supply List -


What you will need to paint with us: 


Acyrlic Paints: 


  • White
  • Black
  • Emerald Green
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Mustard Gold (Yellow Ochre)
  • Red (cool)
  • Orange
  • Violet
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Brown




  • Brush 3/4" Flat Taklon
  • Brush 1/2" Flat Taklon
  • Brush 1/4" Flat Taklon
  • Brush Liner Taklon Round 




11 x 14 Canvas


o Optional Easel

o Cup of Water.

o Paper towels or a bar mop.

o Ruler

o Sharpie *Recommended for best results.  Pencil

o Paper plates for mixing paint.


o Time: Allow approximately 2-3 hours to complete the painting.



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Their Fairy Must Be You ~ written, illustrated and read by Tiffany Bohrer

  • This template is for personal individual use only.  It is NOT intended for commercial use.  Please contact us at for licensing pricing with commercial rates.  

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