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Bottle Opener Painting Class!  

Painting on Wood!  All hardware and wooden block included with all of your painting supplies! 


You can customize with the colors of your choice.  Matisse style or Adirondack Chair on the Beach with a cute hat for a guy or gal.  


Date: 4/10 Sunday

Time: 3 p.m.


Title of Paintings: Please see pictures shown - if no pictures are shown for a future date, then they will be posted soon!  

We will have lots of shapes for each design that can be used with flexibility and creativity to create a more unique masterpiece.  

We also always have monogram letters, many word and phrase templates, leaves, flowers, hearts, stripes and other various geometric shapes to aid with the creative flexibility with each design.  


Learn How to Paint! ~ Art Class in our Studio


Pre-Registration is Required.   Early Registration guarantees lower sale price.  Prices rise as we get closer to the date of the class.  


Painting Choices:

Please see images shown above. ~ We provide tracing templates and guided step by step painting instruction.


- You select your painting model and template or traceable when you arrive and begin your tracing. Painting step by step instruction with basic techniques for beginners and all of your supplies will be provided. Tipsy Artist will also be walking around for more personalized specific instruction at this class.


We provide all of your supplies & tools for your use during the class.

*The DIY Project that you complete is yours to keep. 


Fun & Easy Painting Instruction Class designed for Beginners


Your receipt is emailed to you as proof of paying for your art instruction registration. *You will need to show your Receipt at the door to show you have paid for your tuition.


Price: Prices go up as we get closer to class date. It helps to buy early.


Easy & Fun Painting Experience with the Tipsy Artist! Beginners are encouraged and welcomed!


Relax and Succeed! 


Location: "Tipsy Artist Paint Palace" 117 W. Harrison Ave., Guthrie, OK


Recommended Ages: 9 and up when accompanied by an adult.


Food & Drink: Please Bring Your Own Food & Drinks. *We no longer provide food and drinks.

Pre-Registration is required. No Walkins/Our Private Venue is Not open to the public.  This is a Guest List Only Class with Pre-Registered Customers who have paid in advance.  


Celebrity Artist Tiffany, "Tipsy Artist" will be at studio to assist as needed with your DIY project.


Credit Only Policy. All sales are final. No refunds. Credit Only Policy.

4/10 Bottle Opener on Wood & Pot Registration for In Studio Painting Class

$45.00 Regular Price
$29.97Sale Price

    **A NOTE ABOUT OUR PAINTINGS & TEMPLATES at the Tipsy Artist Class:  


    **Tracing Templates belong exclusively to the Tipsy Artist.  They are not to leave the Tipsy Artist Class.  You are only allowed to use the Tipsy Artist Templates for tracing at the class for personal use only and not for any commercial use.


    You choose your templates upon arrival at the class. 


    We use non-toxic acrylic paint. 


    Please note that each painting is unique and different every time it is painted and consequently model paintings may be slightly different than what appears in photos on website. 

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