Tipsy Artist

Address: 117 W. Harrison Ave.

Guthrie, OK 73044

Phone: 405.757.8779


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All art displayed on our website is subject to copyright protection in favor of Tipsy Artist™  Use of such is prohibited without written authorization and permission from Tipsy Artist™


Please Note: Shipping Fee = Processing Fee in your shopping cart. Your tickets are emailed to you. *Your Receipt is your Ticket(s)


Valentines or Galentines!! Come as a single and we will be your sweetheart! Or come paint as a couple!


New Chalkboard Paint + Acrylic Paint on Wood Project!

Acrylic Painted Wooden Heart on Chalkboard Painted Wooden Stand. *The line art is already done for you! Very Easy! Very Fun!! 8.5 " x 4.75 " Stand with 4.25 x 4.05 wooden heart


Easy & Fun Painting Experience with the Tipsy Artist!

Relax and Succeed!


Your "Ticket(s)" = Your Receipt.


The printed version of the RECEIPT (or show receipt on your phone) MUST be used as your TICKET to redeem at check-in.



The "Ticket" will be issued through email as your payment receipt. The printed version of the RECEIPT (or show receipt on your phone) MUST be used as your TICKET to redeem at check-in.

*Line Art on Heart already done for you! Easy & Fun!
Customize with Your Favorite Colors or Inspirational Phrase!


Wine Bar Opens at 6 p.m.

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: "Tipsy Artist Paint Palace" 117 W. Harrison Ave., Guthrie, OK


*1 ticket required per person. Each person who enters the show must have a ticket. Just like the movie theatres. You know the drill ;)


Recommended Ages: 12 and up when accompanied by an adult.



Ticket price includes the use of all painting supplies, instruction, and the 16x20 canvas is yours to keep as your Masterpiece!

Food & Drink: We have a Bar & Food Stand at Our Location. Wine & Beer, Soft Drinks, Coffee, Tea, Bottled Water, Juice, Candy Bars, Cookies & Chips are sold at our location!

**NO Outside Food or Drinks at this show.

**BYOB is prohibited by Oklahoma State Law

Instructor: Celebrity Artist Tiffany Bora, "The Tipsy Artist"

Parking: free and convenient street parking and Lot at 1st and Harrison.

2/14/20 Home/Guthrie, OK

$40.00 Regular Price
$19.97Sale Price



    **Tracing Templates belong exclusively to the Tipsy Artist.  They are not to leave the Tipsy Artist event.  You are only allowed to use the Tipsy Artist Templates for tracing at the show for personal use only and not for any commercial use.


    You choose your templates upon arrival at the show. 


    We use non-toxic acrylic paint. 


    Please note that each painting is unique and different every time it is painted and consequently model paintings may be slightly different than what appears in photos on website.