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Art Class Instruction - Private Painting Class Packages - In Our Studio 

Learn Something New at Our Tipsy Artist Painting School while celebrating your Birthday, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Wedding, Baby Shower, Girls Night Out, Church Retreat, Corporate Team Building, Family Reunion, Holiday Party, Company or School Team Building Party or Memorial Gathering. 

Our Private Painting Class with your parties at the Tipsy Artist may be scheduled by email.  Please provide us with some possible dates when you make your inquiry.  Once we confirm a date, we will require a deposit and simple one page contract to clarify painting class details.  


What we provide:

  • Step by Step Instruction & everything you need to learn how to paint.

  • Class Tuition starts at $35 per person with 10 person minimum

  • You Pick the painting selection.  We have hundreds of options.  Please see our painting kits for gallery.

  • 2500 square feet of stunning classroom space 

  • Ambient music to enhance your learning experience

  • Photography to document your learning experience.

  • Step by Step Guided Instruction

  • Custom Traceables for Beginners to aid with the learning experience

  • Digital Images of your desired painting class model selection

  • You bring in your own food & drinks for your private/guest list only class - we set up the tables in advance

Please email us for inquiries and class details. 

Smaller Minimums may apply during weekdays or daytime hours 

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Contact us for details.


We can bring the painting class to you with a minimum of 30 students and registration starting at $35 per student. (depending on your location)


Please EMAIL US HERE for Mobile Painting Class Rates.  Please provide your location and estimated number of people.  **We provide volume discounts. 


Contract and Deposit is Required for Mobile Private Class  Packages.