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Meet The Tipsy Artist


Even as a little girl, Tiffany was destined to be a star. Her backyard tea parties were filled with cartoon characters, movies stars and unicorns. This prepared her for a life on stage that began at the early age of 10, where she won her first beauty pageant. And since she couldn’t sing or dance, she won the event by teaching art. Who does that? The future Miss Tipsy Artist, that’s who.

During high school, Tiffany collected ribbons and awards for art projects and cheerleading. And continued her creative campaign through college, receiving accolades in fine art and interior design. And a decade after receiving her BA in Art, she had built a giftware company, and sold her designs through the World Trade Center, to hundreds of retail stores across the nation.

And although successful, the demanding details of manufacturing were not a part of her dream. So Tiffany sold the company, moved to Oklahoma, and plunged into the burgeoning creative culture in Oklahoma City. And before long, she was co-starring with her husband in a television series (PBS Oklahoma), teaching art and techniques that appealed to the larger, non-creative viewer.

Tiffany’s passion to encourage people how to paint as a method of personal growth, began to speak to women of all ages. The idea of creating something for the pleasure of the process, unlocked one of the greatest concepts of the 21st Century–the paint and sip industry. This proved to be the perfect platform for Tiffany to lead groups of women to unlock their inner spirit of creativity, and bring passion, fun and healing back into their lives.

So it’s no wonder that today, the Tipsy Artist hosts the world’s largest paint parties. With a record attendance of 900 painters in Woodward, Oklahoma, she continues to lead sold-out crowds all over the Midwest. Dressed in paint-splattered jeans, faux furs, and cowgirl-chic attire, the Tipsy Artist is number one in her field, and has set the standard in an industry she helped forge into existence.

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The Tipsy Artist began teaching art to large crowds as her "Talent" in pageants when she was in the fourth grade.

Meet Utopia Joe - Tipsy's Hubby & Creative Director at Tipsy Artist

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